Haiti is the first black republic in the world, the second independent nation in the Americas after the United States, and its population today is 10.4 million people.

Today because of lack of employment and industries, 80% of the population live under the poverty line, 54% in abject poverty and ¾ of the population live with less than $ 2.00 a day.

The city of Gonaïves, where the headquarter of Living Stone is located, is 95 miles north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. It is surnamed the city of independence because that’s where it was proclaimed and signed in 1804. Because of so much religious syncretism and animistic beliefs, Gonaives presents great opportunities for evangelism and mission.


Living Stone Reformed Mission was founded to bring hope through the preaching of the gospel in three different aspects.

1. A Reformed Church Planting movement that now counts three churches

  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, Gonaives
  • Dociné Presbyterian Church, Dociné
  • The Truth Presbyterian Church, Tirac (a suburb of Gonaives).

2. Leadership training through 

  • Séminaire Réformé International d’Haïti, a ministry founded to prepare leaders for church planting movement.
  • Yearly Spiritual Leadership Retreat for extensive training and fellowship.

3. Mercy Ministry

  • School for Children:
    • Christian Academy of Dociné is a school that counts 395 kids this year from preschool to 10th grade. This institution provides free education through the sponsorship program of “Haiti LoveOne Project” which is a ministry of LSRM.
  • Medical Mission:
    • We host 4 medical teams a year to organize mobile medical clinics. From general medicine to pediatrics and dentistry, the patients receive free consultation by highly qualified doctors and free medications. We also have an ongoing program in the village of Dociné to help hypertension patients with medications.